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Shakil Ahmed
President, C.E.O.

Shakil Ahmed is from India and moved to Hawaii to work on the Hawaii Deepwater Cable project in 1987. He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Shakil worked and learned all his business operation skills from ABC Chemical Corporation and its founder, George Morisada. He worked as their Systems and Production Manager redesigning their manufacturing plant and their computer infrastructure.

Besides a deep passion for technology, Shakil enjoyed being an entrepreneur. In 1992, Shakil Ahmed founded PDC Systems. An incredibly diligent and hard working person, Shakil worked long hours building computers out of his house with no employees and revenues of under $20,000.

Today, after 24 years, Shakil has evolved PDC Systems (Personally Designed Computers) from its roots creating only high performance file servers and workstations to now providing complete IT solutions for a number of companies in various fields. As PDC finds itself in a new era of virtual IT solutions, Shakil remains just as passionate about PDC’s "job" as in those early days, constantly striving to find solutions for our clients which perform beyond the expectations of clients, competitors, and himself.

He has received numerous business recognitions and awards for his work with PDC Systems.

Brandy Straatman
Technical Director

Brandy is the lead engineer at PDC Systems and is responsible for project design and planning as well as technical escalations, essentially making him a "tech" for the technicians on staff. Tasked with monitoring of PDC's long-term contracts and administration of the company’s cloud-based infrastructure and services, he relies on his 21 years of experience within the industry and his constant but ever-growing interest in technology.

Brandy's proclivity for computers started relatively early, as he took interest in technology both in his free time and when he started working. He started a BBS in high school and is self-taught in multiple programming languages. After moving to Hawaii in 1995 to attend the engineering college at The University of Hawaii, he worked for the Information Technology Services department at the university. It was while working for the school that he first became acquainted with PDC when the company received the contract to provide hardware for the UH systems. Brandy began working for PDC in 1997 as a part-timer, primarily working on client websites and designing custom PCs.

With PDC now for 19 years, Brandy still retains his desire to always get his hands on the latest electronic "toys" and carries multiple technical certifications from Microsoft, Intel and SonicWALL. As an avid triathlete, he spends most of his free time outdoors - hiking, running, cycling or working on his cars.

Ryan Lee
Customer Service Specialist

A PDC employee for 20 years, Ryan's experience in IT and customer service is invaluable to the company. Not only is he the dedicated Customer Service Specialist for all of PDC's GOLD and PLATINUM level clients, he also oversees the company’s day-to-day activities as office manager.

Ryan first decided to enter the IT industry in 1990 – his interest peaked while attending a computer programming class at the University of Hawaii – and ever since has enjoyed working with computers. He is responsible for much of PDC’s administrative work, including the tracking, billing and invoicing of clients, miscellaneous administrative duties, as well as making sure that clients are always up and running.

His employment at PDC allows him to help people, a part of his job that he takes very seriously and finds very fulfilling. If ever away from work, Ryan enjoys playing soft tip darts.

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