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Shakil Ahmed
President, C.E.O.

A Top 40 Under 40 alum and winner of numerous awards and accolades, Shakil Ahmed is the both the founder and chief executive officer at PDC Systems.

An incredibly diligent and hard working person, Shak (as he is more commonly referred to), was never in it for the money. When he first established PDC Systems in 1992, he worked long hours building computers out of his house with no employees and revenues of under $20,000. Besides a deep passion for technology, Shak enjoyed being an entrepreneur, along with the perks (and challenges) that came with it.

For the next 19 years, Shak has evolved PDC Systems (which stands for Personally Designed Computers) from its roots creating only high performance file servers and workstations to now providing complete IT solutions for a number of companies in various fields. Despite PDC's tremendous growth, Shak has never strayed from his core philosophy of always taking care of customers, no matter what. As PDC finds itself near the end of another year, Shak remains just as passionate about his "job" as in those early days, constantly striving to perform beyond the expectations of his clients, competitors, and himself.

Brandy Straatman
Technical Director

Brandy is the lead technician at PDC and is responsible for the other technicians, essentially making him a "tech" for the techs. Tasked with taking care of PDC's long-term contracts and keeping the technicians in line, he often relies on his 14+ years of experience within the industry and his constant but ever-growing interest in technology.

Brandy's proclivity for computers started relatively early, as he took interest in technology both in his free time and when he started working. He started a two-line BBS in high shool was self-taught in the programming languages BASIC and C++. After moving to Hawaii in 1995 to attend UH, he got a student job working for the Information Technology Systems department. It was while working for the school that he first became acquainted with PDC when the company received the contract to provide hardware for the UH systems. Brandy began working for PDC in 1997 as a part-timer, primarily working on the company's website and designing custom PCs.

With PDC now for 14 years, Brandy still retains his desire to always get his hands on the latest electronic "toys". As an avid triathlete, he spends most of his free time outdoors - hiking, running, cycling or wrenching on his car.

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