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Gary Cheeseman
Sales and Service Manager

Gary got his start in technology 25 years ago when he took a high school class for the Apple 2E, and he's loved computers ever since. He recently migrated to PDC after a lengthy employment with CompUSA, serving as a Technical Service and Sales Manager for their stores in Honolulu and Pearl Highlands before the company shut down both Hawaii stores.

With PDC since 2008, Gary's job as a sales and service manager mainly consists of designing, building, implementing and maintaining networks and domains for PDC's many corporate clients. Because of the extensiveness and complexity of his work, Gary is proactive in his preparations for each individual job, for each individual company, as soon as he starts his day. When not at work, Gary is a hardcore gamer, cook and dedicated husband.

Ryan Lee
Customer Service Specialist

A PDC employee for 15 years, Ryan's experience in IT and customer service is invaluable to the company. Not only is he the dedicated Customer Service Specialist for all of PDC's GOLD and PLATINUM level clients, he also oversees the company’s day-to-day activities as office manager.

Ryan first decided to enter the IT industry in 1990 – his interest peaked while attending a computer programming class at the University of Hawaii – and ever since has enjoyed working with computers. He is responsible for much of PDC’s administrative work, including the tracking, billing and invoicing of clients, miscellaneous administrative duties, as well as making sure that clients are always up and running.

His employment at PDC allows him to help people, a part of his job that he takes very seriously and finds very fulfilling. If ever away from work, Ryan enjoys playing soft tip darts.

Glen Miyajima
System Engineer

Known as "PropHead", Glenn's career in the IT field began with the technical support department at Berkeley Systems. The company gained renown in the 1990s for developing the After Dark Screen Saver, including the infamous Flying Toasters, the Star Trek Screen Saver for Windows, and the Looney Tunes Screen Saver for Windows. In fact, if you can get your hands on a copy of the Star Trek Screen Saver, you'd find Glenn's name in the scrolling credits.

From there, "PropHead" moved to Asia Source Inc. in Fremont, California, which is a national distributor of white box personal computers and computer components, serving as the Production Manager for built-to-order white box PCs. Glenn then worked at Chevron Corp's technical support department in downtown San Francisco. From there he moved to PCG Systems in Oakland, California, where he supported non-profits and venture capital firms. After the stint with PCG, Glenn returned to Chevron IT, this time in London, England, to assist on a project in Kazakhstan.

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