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Scott Tsukamaki
Technical Support Manager
(MCSE / Network+)

A field service engineer for PDC since 2007, Scott deals with company clients face-to-face on a regular basis. His workday usually consists of onsite support at a client's office or home, creating proposals, following up with clients to ensure that their systems work, managing various projects, as well as performing damage control.

Scott's passion for computers started very young, and he fondly recalls when he first began writing BASIC programs as a 12-year old in middle school. To impress his friends, he would write a program that resembled a bank login and would then pretend to "hack" into that bank.

Scott enjoys working at PDC because of the clients and coworkers, or in his words, "pretty much everything about it." In his spare time, Scott enjoys watching Hulu TV, anything Google related, and is a big fan of Japanese anime.

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