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Not All Racks Are Created Equal!

Equipment racks are important once your business has reached the computing size where it can benefit from equipment consolidation or centralized cooling. Consider that even a simple rack setup can have 22 servers in the physical floor space you would normally have 2 tower servers. Even if you don't think your needs justify having a dedicate rack for your servers and related equipment, just consider things such as the office noise factor of server fans or even theft prevention.

There are myriads of options available: ventilated, sealed, latched, locked, seismic, etc. Even physical size can vary since not all servers can fit into every rack! Security add-ons such as temperature alarms, humidity alarms and web monitoring can ease concerns about the physical security of your server systems.

PDC Systems is an Emerson reseller and we can provide both top of the line Knurr enclosure as well as Liebert enclosures such as the extremely versatile MCR (Mini Computer Room). MCRs have been successful deployed in downtown high rises because they are compact self-contained environmentally controlled enclosures. These units are great for small spaces and allow you to control electrical costs by not having to worry about equipment cooling when your office is closed.

Call us for more information and we'll help configure a rack that will suit your specific needs!

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