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Here you can find answers to common questions submitted to our support department.

What do I need to use XenPost?

Generally XenPost can be setup as long as you (1) have your own domain name and (2) can change your mail (MX) record. Ideally, you should also have a Windows domain controller so that we can dynamically query the user list. Once the account is setup, your MX record needs to be changed to point to:

How do I log on to my XenPost account?

The login URL is (or use the link on the right). You will log on to the system with the login: and your domain password. This will typically be the same as the username used to log on to your workstation on to the network, and it may not necessarily be the same as your email address. If in doubt, please contact your network administrator to provide you with this information.

How do I add/remove users from the user list?

Customers that were on our Scora system may be accustomed to manually adding and removing users, groups, and aliases to the user list in Scora. XenPost is different. It can be setup to retrieve a user list off your Windows domain controller via LDAP query, removing the need for an administrator to maintain separate user lists on their network and spam filter.

In Scora I was an "administrator". How do I get those rights in XenPost?

Since there is no longer a need to administer user lists, no single user needs to be assigned this role. We can, however, assign a super-user that will have access to their domain users' junk box and filtering settings base on Active Directory group memberships. This is not done by XenPost automatically, so please contact PDC for further information on how to get this setup.

What if XenPost can not be setup to use an LDAP query off my network?

XenPost can still be configured to deliver your email even without an LDAP query, however it requires that PDC maintains the user list. This means that all adds and removals must be done by us. Unfortunately this is not the ideal situation but we want to be able to provide spam filtering services even to those that do not run Active Directory networks.

How do I secure communications between my network and XenPost

All data FROM XenPost to our customers will be originating from the same address: (

This includes mail delivery (SMTP) and LDAP queries. Make sure to setup your firewall to only accept data from this source. This also ensures that you do not receive rogue email from another mail server that is sending to your IP address directly (and bypassing XenPost).

What is the data retention period in XenPost?

Mail that has been marked as junk will be kept in the junk box for 30 days. Mail that is undeliverable (for example: due to your mail server or Internet provider being down) is queued and retried for 4 days. Beyond this, the email will be bounced back to the sender as a non-deliverable.

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