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Why Do I Need Managed Services?

What managed services really does is automate the mundane tasks that businesses can and should do, but often overlook. This may include virus updates, software updates and patches, backups, monitoring and inventory auditing and control. It also can do some things that users cannot do, including network monitoring, and endpoint security, however the main purpose of manages services is automation of trivial tasks.

The important thing to keep in mind with managed services is that it is preventative maintenance, not preventative breakage. While managed services can perform automated tasks such as alerting when a backup as failed, pushing out patches, monitoring systems and generally optimizing the working environment, no amount of preventative maintenance can avoid hardware failures, database corruption, software crashes, or some virus/spyware intrusions. Managed services is about shifting the odds against a catastrophic failure into a more favorable position, so that if a catastrophe does occur, backups will be verified and current, an inventory of the systems can be referenced, and repair time and data loss can be limited.

PDC's model allows businesses to scale their services as needed on a no-contract, month-to-month basis. We remove the need to purchase costly hardware up front or keep track of annual support licenses.

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