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VirtuBit services are sold on a per-month, no contract basis. There is a one-time setup fee of $299.00 for VirtuBit Lite and $699.00 for VirtuBit per computer.

Please call or email us for pricing over 5TB.

Pricing Matrix

Backup CapacityVirtuBit Lite
No Data Upload
Data Upload to
Cloud Facility
Up to 1TB$39.00 per PC$59.00 per PC
Up to 2TB$76.00 per PC$115.00 per PC
Up to 3TB$112.00 per PC$169.00 per PC
Up to 4TB$146.00 per PC$221.00 per PC
Up to 5TB$179.00 per PC$271.00 per PC

Payment Policy

Please note that all Hosted Services must be paid via Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard only). Charges are run on the first weekday of the month and are applied to services for that month. All services are auto renewed unless cancelled before the end of the billing cycle.


Customer understands and agrees that customerís data backed up to PDC Systemís (PDC) local Virtubit device is also backed up to an off-site storage site outside the State of Hawaii. Customer understands and agrees that in certain rare instances, customerís data may not be recoverable from the local Virtubit device in which case, recovery from the offsite backup may be necessary. Customer understands and agrees that in such instances, it may take 48 hours or longer to retrieve and recover customerís data from Virtubitís offsite backup. PDC Systems does not guarantee that recovery from offsite backup will be completed within 48 hours. PDC Systems will make its best efforts to recover customerís data from offsite backup, when necessary, in an expeditious manner.

Customer acknowledges, understands and agrees that PDC is not responsible for any general, special or consequential damages arising out of customerís use of PDCís Virtubit service. Customer releases PDC, its officers, employees, consultants and agents, from any and all claims arising in any way from customerís use of PDCís Virtubit service. No part of this disclaimer may be modified in any way without the express written consent of PDC.

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