Project Description

Today’s business requires guaranteed data and unbroken business continuity. You are completely dependent on your server uptime to allow your company to thrive in a competitive market. VirtuBit provides a complete online solution for total server backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery. While there are many companies offering online backup and storage, only VirtuBit provides instant data restoration and a fully managed and monitored backup system.

Zero Administration for Peace of Mind

With VirtuBit you get a continuously monitored fully managed system. No user intervention or manual backup tasks are required. VirtuBit continuously delivers automatic and transparent data backup ensuring critical data is reliably protected. Whether the data resides on servers, desktops or laptops, VirtuBit silently monitors and automatically backs up all new or altered data. It truly provides peace of mind for the user.

Harness the Power of Cloud Storage

VirtuBit uses encryption and advanced compression to backup your systems to the Cloud. Each machine is fully imaged with daily changes incrementally updated every 4 hours. Data is safeguarded against natural or man-made disasters and common hardware failures. Your data is hosted and managed by PDC Systems with daily monitoring for backup failures.

How Does VirtuBit Work?

The real power of VirtuBit is the Business Continuity. Typically, if your production server fails you begin the long process of repairing or replacing the system, along with days of lost revenue. Because VirtuBit is Cloud based, your failed machine can be spun up as a virtual machine in the Cloud for immediate access. PDC can also provide you with an image of your server that is Hardware Independent that can even be restored to dissimilar hardware. Downtime can be mitigated from days to hours.

VirtuBit or VirtuBit Pro?

VirtuBit Pro ups the ante even more by providing you with further redundancy. Not only is your data sent to PDC’s off-site Cloud repository, an appliance is also installed at your business that spins up a virtual image of your server using the last snapshot available. If your primary server ever becomes inaccessible, simply connect to your stand-by virtual server and use this as a production server until your primary server can be brought back online.