Project Description

Most companies recognize the need to control the growing number of spam and viruses hammering their email boxes every day, but few are fully aware of how much labor and resources are wasted on spam and viruses. Many have tried various solutions at the desktop or server level, and found that instead of solving the spam problem, they just moved the work (and costs) around. Any in-house solution needs constant updating, or it will lose effectiveness over time as spammers continue their assault.

Take control of email productivity with XenPost

XenPost is different. XenPost acts as the first point of delivery for your company email. In the blink of an eye, our system applies over 900 tests for spam, and over 20,000 tests for viruses. XenPost then arrives at a probability that determines if an email is wanted or unwanted according to filter strength preferences that you set. To use XenPost, all you need is a domain name you use for email. It works with any ISP, any email reader, and any server type.

How It Works:

All email sent to users, distribution groups or aliases at your company first arrives at the XenPost cluster for analysis. Any Directory Attacks (mass emails intentionally sent to non-existent mailboxes) get denied at XenPost instead of hitting your mail server!

After customized filtering, email is sent to your server (or ISP) for final delivery. Use the system default settings, or specify your own custom filter strengths including language filters!

Junk Box reports get delivered nightly.

Should your email server or Internet connection fail: Relax! The XenPost system will continue to filter and queue your email for up to 4 days! Once your server is back online, the backlogged email will automatically get delivered to you!