Project Description

Integrated Messaging Systems

PDC Systems can bring the latest messaging technology to your business using Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365. We are experts in all aspects of Exchange installation, migration and administration. We can additionally offer solutions for back-end message archiving for SOX and HIPPA compliancy. Consider some of the many benefits to bringing this technology into your business:

  • Inter-office email is fast and easy to manage
  • Centralized and sharable address lists and groups
  • Public folders that are accessible by all employees to shared resources
  • Multiple domain and email address capabilities (e.g. johndoe@, jd@, johnd@, jdoe@)
  • Centralized database and backup – Data is stored independent of the desktop
  • Server level anti-virus scanning
  • Access to your email from anywhere via Outlook Web Access

E-Mail Compliance

Email is core to the operation of any business and necessary for organizational continuity. However, generally there are very few controls in place in regards to the content filtering of email that flows in and out of the organization. A system can be put into place to ensure that email flow is controlled and is being used for legitimate purposes only. The system can also regulate mailbox sizes, ensuring they do not get out of hand and cripple the system with performance issues. PDC can also provide any or all of the following services & features:

  • Journaling or recording every message that has been sent or receive.
  • Protecting from data leakage of sensitive information outside the enterprise
  • Internal SPAM prevention
  • Enforcement of acceptable use policies
  • The ability to automatically attach rule-based disclaimers to mail messages
  • Statistics collection and reporting