Project Description

PDC Systems’ security expertise extends beyond the well known Microsoft platform. We offer an extensive line of network security consulting services, including network security auditing and management. We operate our own Spam filtering service which acts as a gateway between you and the Internet and protect your network with ICSA certified network appliance made by SonicWALL.

How We Protect Your Business

Deep packet inspection examines all downloaded, e-mailed, and compressed files, and examines information at the application layer to protect against the more sophisticated (and more prevalent) attacks that target application vulnerabilities. All e-mail, Web, file transfer, and other stream-based protocols, as well as real-time applications such as IM and P2P are scanned for total application and threat control.

We install enforced Client Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware on every desktop. This service automatically enforces anti-virus and anti-spyware policies on the client, reducing administrative overhead. It combines client-based scanning and mitigation capabilities with centralized management and reporting capabilities.

Illegal, inappropriate and harmful Web content can enter the network via any user’s browser. Unfiltered content can infect the network with malware, drain productivity, and undermine morale, as well as put the organization at risk for regulatory noncompliance and even criminal liability. Enabling Content Filtering Services (CFS) blocks inappropriate content, reduces organizational liability and increases productivity. By blocking all pre-defined categories or any combination of categories, CFS can block potentially harmful content such as Java, ActiveX, and Cookies, as well as schedule filtering by time of day, such as during business hours. CFS also enhances performance by filtering out IM, MP3s, streaming media, freeware and other files that drain bandwidth and decrease productivity.

Business Continuity

90% of small businesses are not adequately prepared for a major disaster. Having a backup and business continuity strategies are absolutely essential to staying up and running.

PDC offers practical and cost effective business continuity solutions for small businesses as a part of our consulting services. We design fault tolerant networks, with a recognized expertise in messaging systems that include designing of Microsoft Exchange High Available environments, along with Microsoft Exchange servers recovery services. In addition, we can help with the planning of backup strategies and troubleshooting for data intensive environments.